Exciting Developments for 2022

So many are hoping that 2022 will be a better year. To help facilitate this I’m implementing some exciting developments for 2022.

Do you ever feel as if things aren’t going so well … or ever think that things could be better?

It just so happens that when there’s changes, drama, trouble or turmoil it’s also an excellent time to re-evaluate and to turn things around, to make things better. After all, most of us do better when we’re challenged.

You’d no doubt agree that we’re currently in challenging times. With this so called ‘pandemic’ crises over our head, we may ask, how did we get here, what do we do next?

Well, the truth probably is that it’s been looming for quiet a while. Also, that most of us have been asleep for quiet a while. When we’re asleep, things just run on automatic pilot. To make the changes necessary to turn things around we need to awaken, firstly to see what’s happening. Then we need to be aware of options and how to put them in place.

It’s said that every cloud has a silver lining. Likewise, within every problem is an opportunity for improvement.

What Does This Mean For You?

You’re gonna be the winner from these latest developments. This is a great opportunity for you to benefit from my decades of research and development in the areas of well-being. It’s your chance to benefit from my 30 years of ‘life-coaching’ to enhance the embracing of ‘self-responsibility’ for ‘turning things around’ for the better.

How to Make 2022 Your Best Year Yet!

I’m especially excited to be extending my services to suit you better in 2022. It’s about getting better results. To achieve this we need to develop the skills for enhanced self-responsibility and to implement the changes that’s necessary to turn things around for more positive results in our life.

In 2022 I’m offering ‘Life-Coaching with much more of an emphasis on a ‘holistic’ approach, addressing ‘underlying issues to achieve long-term sustainable results. Many of these issues affect us in many ways, such as stress, pain, fatigue, etc.

Become a Member

As a member from January 2022 you’ll receive special VIP privileges. You will gain access to content that’s not shared in the general public arena. Also as a member you receive bonus free meet-ups every month to check-up on your membership progress.

It’s FREE as a ‘Basic’ member, with options to upgrade to ‘Bronze’ or ‘Gold’ membership before graduating to the next levels.

Your ‘Bronze’ Membership

There’s so many bonuses to your ‘Bronze’ membership that there’s too much too mention them all here now. However here’s a brief outline.

It’s just $1 cash up front joining free to become a member. Then it’s just $75 per month. (there’s also incentives for a commitment to a total upfront payment.)

You receive full ‘bronze’ level online membership content along with complimentary 45 min meet-up sessions each month. Extra meet-ups are also available if you wish.

The main emphases for the ‘bronze’ level online membership is learning skills for ‘living a happier and more successful life in the modern world’.

The modules for the ‘bronze’ level online membership are; self-awareness, self-care, self-development and self-empowerment.

Bonus Content

For over 30 years I’ve developed a plethora of content that I’ve presented at various seminars, workshops, courses and retreats. I’ve made available a library of E-books, audios and videos on the following topics.

Stress Solutions … ‘Flick the Switch’ from ‘Stress to Success’
Mojo Mentoring … for more Aliveness, Passion and ‘Zest for Life’.
BOOST Your Vitality … addressing the underlying cause of so many problems
Self-Care Strategies … beating the ‘Beached Whale Syndrome’
Art of Happiness … how to get more ‘love & happiness’ in your life
Ultra-Mind Dynamics … accessing intelligence ‘beyond the mind’
Conscious Creations … cultivating ‘Conscious Living’ for more efficient outcomes.

plus much more ..

Each month I’m presenting complimentary webinars and group meet-ups on the current topics.

January 2022 FREE ‘Life-Coaching’ Webinar

At 7pm Wed. the 5th of Jan 2022 I’m presenting a free 30 min online webinar with an overall introduction to the 2022 ‘Life-Coaching’ program. Also, in this seminar will be a specific focus on ‘Transformational Coaching’. As we transform, we turn things around for the better. To book your place – please click here

How to Get What You Want’ Seminar

At 7pm Wed. the 12th of Jan 2022 I’m presenting a free 1 hour ‘live’ (face to face) seminar on; ‘How to Get What You Want’. The trick ton getting what you want is to know what you want.This seminar also includes a free bonus ‘e-book’ and an overall introduction to the 2022 ‘Life-Coaching’ program. To book your place – please click here

Your next step
It’s now time to take action, to step forward and embrace what’s needed to make 2022 your best year yet. Throughout 2022 I’m offering ‘Life-Coaching’ memberships with both online access and regular face to face meet-ups. The emphasis is on a ‘holistic’ approach, addressing ‘underlying issues’ to help achieve long-term sustainable results.To express your interest in joining us – please contact me – your access password is: 2022

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