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Solutions for Living a Happier Life in the Modern World
Enhancing well-being – wealth – wisdom & happiness!

Most health problems have much to do with a poor ‘life-style’ … & most poor life-styles are a result of poor ‘self-development’  … which may be due to a lack of ‘awareness’ … hence simply to improve our well-being we need to enhance our awareness, self-development and life-style. This course is an ideal course to achieve these results.

Happiness isn’t so much a goal to be attained … more-so it’s about enjoying the journey
With the ‘Holistic Life-style Mentoring Course’ you have the opportunity of self-development, to enhance wellness, relationships, your life and contribute to the world in so many ways.

Inquire now about how to take your first step.

Options include:
Access to membership site with online library resources, with articles, e-books, podcasts, videos and forums … plus: weekly or monthly private phone/skype or face-to-face meet-ups … plus: monthly 1 day workshops and quarterly 2 day retreats at various venues each season … Inquire about how to get started now!

Basically the 4 main different levels of membership are summarised as follows;

A: Aspirant/Initiate – Beginners – Casual Life-Coaching Course: 

This is an introductory ‘Awakening-Awareness’ and ‘Self-Care’ Life-Coaching Course

BRONZE: Essentially a membership with access to the relevant basic resources and references with an online library of ‘Awakening-Awareness’ and ‘Self-Care’ components.

SILVER: As above plus scheduled monthly emails on up-to-date relevant topics on the ‘Awakening-Awareness’ and ‘Self-Care’ components.

B: 1 Year Holistic Life-style Mentoring Course:

This is an integrated ‘Awakening-Awareness’, ‘Self-Care’, Self-Development’ & ‘Holistic Life-style’ Mentoring Course.

GOLD: As above plus private consultations on both set & selected relevant topics/issues to be addressed – presented either by face to face, via Skype or phone, including scheduled monthly seminars on set & selected relevant topics – which is presented at various different venues to be selected.

PLATINUM: As above plus scheduled seasonal 2 day retreats – each: summer, autumn, winter & spring. This is an ideal opportunity, with relevant workshops to embrace more in depth and experiential learning. This is the pre-requisite to the ‘Practitioner-Training’.

The 4 main components of this ‘Holistic Lifestyle Mentoring Course’ are: ‘Awakening-Awareness’ – ‘Self-Development’ – ‘Self-Care’ – ‘Holistic-Healing Arts’.

The resources in this portal are for registered members only. Membership applications are open by referral only. If you have a referral and an access code you can register here. All applications are assessed manually – if accepted, we’ll do our best to approve your membership within 24 hours – so please be patient.

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